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You don’t have to keep knocking every door to get your questions answered, just the right one. With our ‘Ask the Doctor’ service, you can consult a specialist doctor and get your medical questions answered. You can also use this service to get a second opinion.

While getting your query resolved, you can, if you want to, share detailed information about your condition and your medical files with the doctor to help her help you better. We take privacy and confidentially very seriously and ensure an absolutely safe and secure environment.

How it Works?

Asking the doctor your query couldn't be any easier

From the list of multiple qualified doctors, choose the doctor with the specific specialty who can answer your medical query. You can view the number of Follow Up questions (FUP) the Doctor allows for a particular question. If you need assistance in choosing a doctor please contact us explaining your condition and we can help you.
Once you've selected your doctor and registered, you can make a payment to the concerned doctor according to their mentioned price. Please note that once you have made the payment for asking a question to the Doctor there is no refund.
Once the question is sent to the doctor, be rest assured to receive a response to the same within 24-48 hours. You will be notified by email when you the doctor responds to your question. In case you don't get a response within 48 hours, kindly email us at and we will follow up with the doctor. You may ask more questions to the doctor depending on the number of Follow Up (FUP) mentioned by the doctor in their profile.
After making the payment, ask your question to the doctor explaining your condition in a very brief, direct and clear manner including all the details. If you have your medical file, you can attach that for the doctor to view and guide you better.

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