The Medical advice you need is now just a phone call away

You have questions. Our doctors have the answers. Often, as a patient, or a dear one, you would have a lot of questions about the diagnosis, recovery and other medical details.

Purple understands the situation you are in and how frustrating it can be to not have all your questions answered. Stop fretting and Call a Doctor instead. It is that easy. Our ‘Call a Doctor’ feature helps you to connect to a Doctor and receive answers to your medical questions.

Why Do it ?

Easy access

It is easy to connect to doctors and get quality affordable care for your health.

Telephonic consults

Speak directly to our qualified doctors and get answers to your medical questions.


You don’t have to wait for longer hours to get a consult.

Safe and secure

Be rest assured about the data you put up. We will keep it private, safe and confidential.

How it Works?

You are just three steps away from speaking to a Doctor and getting all your queries resolved

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When to call your doctor?

You should call your doctor if any of the following happens

A medical query that is bothering you since a while
You have any doubts regarding the prescriptions, diagnosis, treatment, etc.
You have symptoms you need to be adhered to
The wait-and-see approach isn't working
Any other medical related queries