Anytime, Anywhere, Live Video Doctor Consultations

Wouldn’t it be great to speak with your doctor face-to-face without having to move out of your home or office?

Purple brings you the unique convenience of Live Video Doctor consultations. Our video chat enables you to request an appointment and speak to a doctor any time, and from anywhere. Our wide network of doctors and hospitals ensures there are always a large number of doctors available, almost literally, at your beck and call.

Why use the Video-chat service?

Anytime, Anywhere Consultation

Speak with a doctor from anywhere, at any time of your convenience.

Get Second Opinions

With our large network of doctors and medical experts, you can easily get multiple opinions, which are otherwise not easily accessible.

Connect to Doctors Anywhere

We believe that medical guidance shouldn’t be restricted. You can connect to licensed doctors, anywhere in India or even globally.

Easy access

Our video chat feature is simple to use. No special application downloads or plug-ins required.

Payment modes

We provide you with a choice of two modes of payment. You can choose a session-based plan where you will pay for a certain number of limited-time consultation sessions. Or you can opt for minute-based billing which means you will only pay for the time you actually use.


We encrypt all video-chats to safeguard privacy and to ensure that all discussions are secure.

How it Works?

You are just 4 steps away from having a video conversation with your doctor.

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What do you need?

These are the minimum requirements to use the video-chat service on your computer.

Latest version of Google Chrome.
Webcam and a microphone.
Use a laptop or PC.
Minimum speed of 500kbps.